“Somewhere hidden in the sorrow of the moment lies – a quiet promise of healing and peace”

The Navajo people of North America say that no person is truly gone until every single person who ever knew them, or knew of them, has died.
Funerals and Memorial Services enable us to share our memories and celebrate the lives of those we have loved and who have loved us.
Each person who has ever lived has changed the lives of others in a memory or thought no matter how fleeting.
Through telling their stories, we commemorate their gifts to us and rejoice in the memories they have kindly bestowed upon us.
In creating a funeral ceremony for your loved one, I will talk with their family and friends in order to learn as much about them as possible. This is essential for ensuring their funeral tribute really captures their life story and their personality.
In honouring and celebrating their life, I will create a ceremony which reflects their unique nature and the influence they had on the lives of others. You will have full editorial control over the contents of the ceremony.

A suggested basic structure for funeral ceremonies is as follows:
• Introduction
• Biography or eulogy
• Reflection or prayer
• Readings
• The committal

There are no rules when it comes to celebrating the life of a loved one.
I can provide creative guidance and advice on your loved one’s celebration and can assist with ideas on how to tailor the service to include special and personal touches, such as:
• Photographs of the deceased during his or her life
• Symbols of their life, such as art work, sporting memorabilia and other items reflecting their hobbies and interests
• Their favourite music and singing (recorded or live)
• Services can involve prayers and hymns, or civil rituals, such as the lighting of candles, the release of Helium Balloons, Doves of Peace, Butterflies or the playing of The Last Post.

The ceremony may include:
• A non-religious reflection on death
• Participation by family and friends
• Poetry and prose
• A eulogy paying tribute to the life and character of the person who has died
• Moments of silence and reflection
• Formal words of goodbye
The death of a loved one often comes as a complete shock, and may plunge the bereaved into numbness, anger, disbelief, helplessness, overwhelming sadness, confusion, despair and guilt. These are all normal responses to death and are part of the grieving process.


The following may be useful links at the time of a death.
The Centre for Grief Education provides assistance for coping with the impact of grief and bereavement, they are located at:
McCulloch House, Monash Medical Centre, 246 Clayton Road, Clayton Vic 3168. For further information phone (03) 9265 2111, fax (03) 9265 2150, Freecall (Australia wide) 1800 642 066 or email

• Department of Human Services
• State Coroner’s Office of Victoria
• State Trustees
• Suicide Helpline
• life Resolutions
• Returned Service League of Victoria
• Lodge Bros. Stonemasons
• Australian Funeral Directors Association
• Altona Memorial Park
• Fawkner Memorial Park
• Springvale Botanical Cemetery

Memories … people may come and go in our lives, but memories live on till the end of time...

Memorial Services

Paying tribute to those who have passed on is an important way to bring the community together and reinforce the values which underpin our society. In creating a memorial service, I incorporate symbols and prose which have meaning for all those who attend, provide opportunity for reflection and seek to honour those in whose names the service has been created.

What does my service include?

• minimum of 2 meetings in your home or at a mutually convenient location
• telephone and email consultations as required
• creation of a unique and personal ceremony with your full editorial control
• attention to detail and excellent personal service
• rehearsal if required
• my guarantee that no other ceremony will be booked so close that I arrive late or rush off afterwards
• professional, compassionate delivery of your ceremony
• additional memorial or committal service
• confidential and secure record keeping
• fully insured, trained, experienced and registered celebrant
• unlimited access to resource materials
• copy of your ceremony booklet
• recommendations for other services, where requested
• provision of a portable PA system with cd player, three microphones and stands
• no hidden extra charges


Confirmation of Booking and Payment Details

In order to create a funeral service which will appropriately honour and celebrate a life, I would expect to spend a minimum of twenty hours gathering together the person’s history, meeting with and talking to loved ones and writing and delivering the ceremony. As every funeral ceremony is different, just as every life is different; my fee is therefore charged at an hourly rate of $50.00 per hour.
My fee is all inclusive*, with the exception of accommodation (more than two hours’ drive from Warrnambool), and transport costs for any return journey exceeding more than 70km Warrnambool.
The ceremony date and time will be confirmed and secured by the payment of your booking fee of $300.00 at the time of booking and no paperwork will be accepted or issued, nor will drafts of the ceremony be released, before this occurs.
The outstanding balance is payable prior to the ceremony being held, and will vary dependent upon the amount of time required to create a suitable tribute.
Payment is preferred in cash, however cheques and bank deposits / transfers are also accepted prior to the ceremony being held. Please put your name in the reference field if paying by internet bank transfer or notify me once you have made a branch deposit.
Should the ceremony be cancelled after the first draft has been issued, no refunds will be paid.
Michelle Guyett McQuilton retains all intellectual property rights over any part of the ceremony created by her, and no part of her ceremony documentation may be published, sold or made available without her approval.